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Kaster Alliance considers coaching as an issue of trust, mutual respect and a valued relationship. We approach Coaching as a partnership with our client to align their core values with their goals. Once established, we then develop a strategic plan to make the goals become a reality.  
Our primary coaching areas :  
Leadership                                                  Effective Communications
Executive Skills                                           Problem Solving
Management Development                         Decision Making


Our coaching workshops include the same content as our other workshops, but they are delivered in a one-on-one or small group format.  The workshops focus on specific behaviors whereby participants receive individual attention aimed at helping them convet their skills challenges and weaknesses into strengths.

Prior to the workshop each participant(s) will complete an online survey and will receive a 20-page personal Skills Assessment profile one week before the workshop. We create a customized workbook for the participants of each skills development workshop. The workbook includes key concepts and learning points from the workshop as well as worksheets for individual and group exercises during the workshop. The workbook also includes tools & self assessments for leadership development, for participants to use after the workshop for personal development.

During the workshop participants get to know themselves, how they act (or react) in various situations, and where they are effective or ineffective as leaders, managers and communicators. The combination of coaching and training make it a highly productive interactive workshop, and one that will bring proven results: a change in behavior. 

Interpersonal Skills Coaching
"Executive Tune-up"
Executive management is a process-intensive discipline that encompasses multiple skills.  The Executive Tune-up Program is designed to assist in uncovering and developing the skills necessary to achieve excellence in personal performance and success in business.

"Organization Re-engineering” 


Organization Re-engineering is a strategic planning effort designed to increase an organization's effectiveness and efficiency. The program is a response to the need for change management  by adapting  organizatinal strategy so that the organization can better address to new technologies, market changes, workforce changes and over business challenges.  Focus areas include but are not limited to: 

Goal Setting
Leadership Development
Human Resources Management
Managing Workforce Diversity

"Planning Your Success"

"Planning Your Success” is a concept that identifies what business skills and professional traits  you, as a business owner and decision-maker, should possess to achieve business success. Its purpose is to provide input for developing a Personal Developmpent Plan the following questions:

   1) How can you use your current skills to guide your  professional 


   2) How can you meet the challenges of the future?

 "Interpersonal Communication"

The program provides guidelines for understanding issues and trends in a multicultural, non-sexist business environment. Through self-awareness and the application of proven processes, participants will develop the necessary skills to communicate more effectively, overcome common communication barriers, recognize appropriate opportunities for establishing productive relationships,  and as well as methods for improving leadership effectiveness.   

Our interpersonal skills coaching workshops work best with 1 - 6 people, and can be structured for any time length. The cost is surprisingly low when compared to sending individuals to canned, public seminars, but the value is significantly.


Call or email today to receive a 30-minute complimentary consultation. This is your chance to take advantage of a free coaching session with no further obligation.

Skills Development Coaching:
4-hour Minimum Commitment
Price: $500 at $125 per hour


For Additional Programs and Pricing Options   

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