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Do you know what it takes to be a successful business in today’s competitive environment? Do you have the competencies to meet these demands?  This simple skills assessment (link below) will help you develop a deeper understanding of your personal and professional competencies. Additionally, this self-assessment  can help you decide how to enhance your leadership strengths as well identify  any key skills gaps. Your responses (numerical totals) will assist you in assessing your current level of  effectiveness.

  1. Click on the link listed below
  2. Review each question and select the appropriate response relative to your current skill level
  3. List your response rating on a seperate sheet of paper
  4. Rating scale           Low –1   Med – 3   High – 5
Note: the assessment has been designed to not allow any on-line responses thereby eliminating any security or confidentiality concern.

Skills Competency Assessment


Is Coaching Right for You?

· Do I have a sincere interest in learning?
· Am I willing to commit time to developing and maintaining a coaching relationship?
· Am I willing to work on my own growth and development?
· Am I willing to be open and honest with myself and another person?
· Am I willing to listen to critical feedback?
· Can I participate without adversely affecting my other responsibilities?

For a file copy of the assessment tool or to request additional information on skills development at not charge or no obligation contact me at